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Creative, non conformists people live in the

Los Feliz Comments

from Colombia in Lived on Burns Ave. Attended Lockwood Elem. After a year we moved to Burns Ave. Some of my fondest memories are skateboarding down Talmadge St.( when the wheels were made out of clay). Walking to Platypus Records with our boom boxes and listening to the newest LP back now, I can appreciate how ethnically diverse our neighborhood was. We had Russians, Koreans, Italians, Mexicans, Salvadorians, Chinese. I also remember working at the Jewish Community Center on Bates Ave. helping the maintenance guy on Fridays. He would give us $5 and let us play in the gym.

During summer break, I would go to Barnsdall Park and take art and film making classes.

I lived in Los Feliz for 15 years when I moved in the neighborhood was rising up from a sketchy past. Years before I turned down buying a house because of the gang activity. When I returned as a renter, there were still some problems, but like many city neighborhoods, you take the good with the bad. Being close to Griffith Park was a plus, especially with a toddler.

I love the stories of neighborhoods that have changed over the years, mostly for the better. And I salute those who choose to stay and make their communities cheap replica handbags better rather than fleeing to suburban enclaves. Los Feliz has some great restaurants (I miss the cafes and Indian food), and funky shops. My apartment was fantastic, now I a homeowner in a new urban community and hope to participate in the ongoing renewal of my new area.

I miss Los Feliz (as well as Silverlake and Echo Park). I moved away 12 years ago after taking a corporate job in NYC. I grew up in, and still miss. I especially miss early Sunday mornings, breakfast on Hillhurst (Le Belle Epoque is gone now) and my walk to Griffin Park replica louis vuitton bags from china , oh and walking to Sunset replica louis vuitton bags for the Festival. I have a choice to go Figaro for coffee 1:1 replica handbags instead of Starbucks if I want. or The Nature Mart instead of aaa replica designer handbags Whole Foods. There is up scale there is high quality replica handbags china hole in wall. The Greek Theater is in walking distance as well. There is so much more but I won spoil it for you, check it out for yourself.

My heart goes out to the Burk Family.

Los Feliz means access to me. I have a scooter if I absolutely have to get to the beach, but if I just want to go Downtown or to Hollywood, I have the metro right there. It why I moved here. Silverlake and Echo Park are just a walk down Sunset Boulevard. If I want highbrow, Vermont is just across the street; if I want lowbrow, Fatburger strip mall is just a heart attack inducing intersection crossing away.

Landmarks? Griffith Park (the largest municipal city park in the country), the observatory, the Greek Theatre, Barnsdall Art Park, Frank Lloyd Wright houses, Mack Sennett old studio, and the Vista Theater. Hidden gems? Shakespeare Bridge on foot (esp. at dusk), a French Academy, tucked behind LA public television studios, the old Vitagraph/Prospect studio, the Walt Disney/David Lynch fairy tale cottages, Fern Dell, pastries at the Los Feliz cafe, the last of four Brown Derbies built in Hollywood, and the Skylight Theater, wedged between the All purpose and Pop culture components of Skylight Books.

What I like about the place is that it a neighborhood; so, although I only lived here 4 months, my friend Mike will move my scooter before it gets a street cleaning ticket, the waitress at Figaro knows to bring me coffee, the staff at the library talk to me for no reason, and yet it knows it part of a big city; it has an international newsstand with hundreds of publications, restaurants from everywhere, famous history (as part of the “original Hollywood”) , movie theaters, a post office that open from 6am to 7pm, a monthly art walk, and most importantly replica designer handbags no one gets in my business uninvited.

The downside? There could be greater diversity. However, having said that, high quality designer replica handbags wholesale I will add that on any given day, in any given half hour, I will hear four or five different native languages being spoken by the people who live, work, and have businesses here (Spanish, Armenian, Russian, French, Hindi, Japanese, Thai, and English among them). And, although there is a preponderance of what I like to call twentynothings, there are enough people of all other age groups to keep their brio in check.

What other information I would like to know about Los Feliz? The international history and demographics of the neighborhood, not just color or language groups. Both Thai Town and Little Armenia are within it borders, and the european immigrants who got the motion picture business started here should have some interesting histories to uncover as well. The “Gabrielenos” Native Americans were here at Fern Dell, and I know very little about them replica designer handbags , except that they were purportedly the only people here up until about two hundred years ago. I like to know more about them as well.

Thanks for doing this project.

I lived in Los Feliz for 10 years before I moved to the Westside for a job. The westside weather, esp in summer, is better, and the air is quite a bit cleaner, but in every other way, it doesn compare replica louis vuitton to Los Feliz. I miss it sooo much! And, like everyone else who lives in the the walkability of the area and great places to go is what makes it so special. Yes, the fact that there are many old Hollywood buildings give it character, but what really makes it a great place to live is the amazing array of things to do within a few blocks walking distance, and the prettiness of the Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags area that makes it a joy to walk around in. Plus, having a metro stop right at Sunset and Vermont, to go the few places it does go to, also can be beat. Overall, this neighborhood has everything too bad it not “hidden” anymore!

I live just east of the Shakespeare Bridge; east of St George, north of Franklin Ave. The district is known as Franklin Hills but some realtors like to call us “Los Feliz” for better sales. Ha! In either case, THE NEIGHBORHOOD IS SPECTACULARLY “neighborly” and in the City of Angels, that a commodity. I been part of this neighborhood for a few decades and what makes this area special is it eclectic group of people. Creative, non conformists people live in the neighborhood; however, I have been seeing an influx of Westside defectors. THAT worries me as it often means an introduction of another sub culture that just doesn feel right for the neighborhood. I hope the newbies who move in quickly learn that this area is impressed more with uniqueness rather than “keeping up with the replica louis vuitton bags from china Jones conformity. Leave your Louis Vuitton purse, Abercrombie Fitch printed shirt, and “attitude” at the door of this neighborhood. And you be just fine. ; )

Lived here over ten years. A great mix of ages. Never worry about crime. Could use more minorities but other than that, everything u need is right here. Dont apprecite people saying those Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags of us on edgemont below franklin arent in Los Feliz, but there are snobs everywhere. Even in LF. And how is vermont NOT los feliz? Thats the most important block in the area. How you gonna disown Sky Light, Il Cappricio, Dresden, Fred 62, House of Pies, or the post office? Without that eclectic mix of shops LF has zilch.

Lived on Normandie above Franklin for about 45 years, and long called it Hollywood I thought it was cooler, but I changed. Los Feliz 3 is OK (one out of 3 ain bad), but Vista is a marvel (legroom, sound, affordable!). Post office is well used (with hours to prove it), library is great (but puny parking). Don forget Los Feliz and Franklin elementary schools! Great walks, but Los Feliz Blvd. traffic sucks. Talented, interesting neighbors. Your stated income levels seem too low who can afford a Los Feliz home on 50K a year? Did anyone notice the Armenian percentage is higher than East Hollywood (which has Little Armenia)? Is the area W of Normandie and S of Franklin considered Los Feliz? I thought they were more Hollywood oriented.

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